The new, 100% electric bus is ‘metro-ready’ and is Ireland’s next generation of sustainable, accessible and affordable zero-emissions public transport.

The Higer STEED - 100% Electric Bus

The new, fully electric bus and metro-ready STEED (Sustainable Transport Electric Energy Delivered) represents the next generation of sustainable, accessible and affordable zero-emissions public transport. Optimised to Harris Group specifications by manufacturer Higer, China’s leading bus and coach exporter, the STEED has been made to answer growing demand for greener, electric bus solutions from public and private operators as well as the general public.

‘Metro ready’ is a new term Harris Group use to define the extended range the STEED can deliver as the first real cross-over electric bus capable of urban and rural travel in the one defined operational route. Using intelligent Higer power saving technology to extend the usable operational range between required charging, the STEED is versatile and competent in all environments.

Higer Steed - electric bus
Higer Steed - electric bus

STEED Performance

The 100% electric bus is powered by CATL Lithium Ion Batteries producing 174 Kw of power. CATL are one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers with supply partnerships to global vehicle manufacturers including Toyota, Mercedes, Jaguar Landrover, BMW PSA group and Higer Bus.

Each vehicle is also delivered with its own CCS2 DC fast-charging infrastructure providing a full charge in less than two hours, maximising on-road time and reducing operating costs.

Boasting an impressive range of up to 300km on a single charge, the STEED is the future of public and private transport. 


Safety and Security

The STEED also leads the charge in terms of passenger accessibility and comfort, boasting an 80% flat floor with a front wheelchair ramp, comfortable seating, wide aisles and ample storage for luggage. 

Additional features of this electric bus include Wi-Fi, USB charging ports, saloon air conditioning, low power, high output destination boards and a maximum passenger capacity of 48 passengers (26 seated/22 standing).

See it in Action:

Standard Features

  • 26 seatbelted seats
  • 22 standing positions
  • Wheelchair accessable
  • Front integrated passenger storage area
  • Extra wide aisles and entrance
  • Saloon air conditioning
  • Internal and external camera recording system
  • Hanover destination boards- front/side/rear
  • Onboard audio visiual display panels
  • Removable overhead storage racks
  • Ergonomically designed handrails
  • USB charging ports
  • Wi Fi

How to buy

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